Practice areas


Every day the businesses that develop, produce, transport and market electric power face decisions with global scope and challenging company circumstances. We have a comprehensive understanding of the energy industries and legislation and aim to build long-term relationships with our clients, in order to provide a unique commercial perspective on their business.


Whether our clients need help with regulatory approval, complex project financing, a facilities construction contract, an acquisition or a lawsuit, our team has the industry knowledge and legal skill to support and assist any energy projects.


Our practice involves all scopes of energy laws and areas, including:

  • Power plants development - wind farm development, and challenging photovoltaic and hydro power plant’s projects;
  • Property issues, including land expropriation procedures, execution and drafting notary deeds for lands and facilities; easement rights issues, etc.;
  • Design zoning plan and cadastral map issues – advising on elaboration, enforcement and amendments of plans and maps on the main sites of the plants and all adjoining lands and facilities;
  • General corporate, financing, transactional and other matters, including drafting special pledge agreements, registration, etc;
  • Licensing and other regulatory issues;
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) issues – drafting, advise on enforcement and interpretation, drafting amendments and appendixes;
  • Advise upon construction stage including representation clients on lawsuits related to construction and planning issues, advise on the Spatial Planning Act and the relevant implementing provisions;
  • Commissioning process development and support throughout the operational permit issuance period, meeting and representation of clients before the State acceptance commission of the National Construction Control Directorate (NCCD);
  • Consultancy on the interconnection of procedures and consumers matters and agreements under the Energy Actand the related legal acts,  advising on electric power sales and transmission.

Building on our experience at working with international and state-owned companies, a full range of renewable energy companies and investors of national significance, we are heavily involved with the development of the energy industry in Bulgaria. The team has proved experience in delivering coordinated advice and representation in regulatory and legislative matters, litigation, and transactional work and in providing legal support on a vast scope of energy projects.



Renewable Energy Projects



Renewable energy makes a remarkable contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and more efficient use of resources. Our team has advised clients on energy projects issues such as spatial planning, property and grid interconnection in relation to the initial consenting phase, through the construction phases of projects, by means of an EPC contract and into the operational phases of the project. We have advised one of the largest wind farm projects in Bulgaria, financed and constructed by a large international energy company.


 We are competent to assist clients in the dynamic renewable resources energy challenges as our team acknowledge the main features of the existing energy industry in Bulgaria. Our team is experienced in advising clients in the matter of production of energy from renewable energy resources, preferential prices for purchase of energy from renewable energy sources negotiations and mandatory obligations and the obtaining of certificates for origin of the energy by virtue of the Bulgarian legislation.


We have wide comprehension in enforcement and interpretation of the Bulgarian energy legislation such as the Energy Act, the Renewable Energy Act, the Ordinance for the Adjustment of Electricity Prices, the Ordinance for the Form, Content, Conditions and Procedure for the Issuance of Electricity Provenance Certificates, etc. We have also vast experience in the research, analysis and enforcement of EU Directives and Regulations related to production of power, produced from renewable energy sources, as our purpose is to support and advise more green projects in order to increase the production of energy from renewable energy resources on the internal market of the EU and abroad.